The CMPE Model

A "sign" (in the sense used here) or CMPE (Conjunction of Meaningfully Parallel Events) consists of the following four points:

1. Events. There are two or more distinct events that occur within hours of each other, are causally independent of each other (one didn't cause or influence the other) and are strikingly similar.

2. Parallels. The two events share a long list of objective parallels—things that both events share in common. The list should ideally contain around eight parallels. It will consist of some specific, unlikely parallels surrounded by more general parallels. The list will tell an overall story and will capture something at the heart of both events.

3. Subject situation. The CMPE is about a situation in your life. This situation will fit the overall story told by the parallels. It will also probably be current, uncertain, unresolved, or at least needing confirmation. This situation is probably contained in one or both of the events, especially one that has the characteristics of an important event for you. There will often be another situation in the events, one that resembles the subject situation but is in fact an entirely different situation. This is called the symbolic situation and is relevant for the interpretation.

4. Interpretation. The parallels and symbolic situation will together frame the subject situation in a certain way, a way that addresses your concern about it. The parallels do this by confirming aspects of the subject situation. The symbolic situation does this by telling a story that contains the actual truth of the subject situation. By framing the subject situation in a certain way, the parallels and symbolic situation provide you with the sign's message.

Join Synchronicty host Marie Bernard for an interview with Robert Perry, author of, Signs: A New Approach to Coincidence, Synchronicity, Guidance, Life Purpose, and God's Plan.

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